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Keynote Speaker

Increase Interest with a Keynote Speaker

The purpose of a keynote speaker is to raise interest in the event that will be held. In some instances the keynote speaker will be an expert in his or her field or will have instant name recognition. Many ex political leaders often spend the years of their retirement either penning their autobiographies or being keynote speakers at various events, in most instances doing both. The experienced keynote speaker will be able to excite an audience with insights that often stem from their experiences in the corridors of power or through their insight into the inner workings of an organisation that is usually hidden from the public eye. Many keynote speakers are controversial figures and many are builders of consensus, however what they have in common is that most are inspirational figures, either inspiring dislike or reverence. There are however exceptions to this rule , such as ex Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev, who famously managed to put a large portion of his audience to sleep during a keynote address in Las Vegas in the 80’s.

The key (as it were) to getting a good keynote speaker is to balance cost and efficiency. If you are holding a regional sales conference it makes no sense to retain the services of an ex president, the cost would simply be exorbitant and the subject matter of the address would quite likely stupefy the audience. Always endeavour to match the interests of the audience with the profile of the keynote speaker. For a regional sales conference a local sporting personality would probably be better suited to the interests of the audience.

The key here is to match the interests of the audience with the expertise of the speaker. For smaller gatherings a more personal approach is to be preferred. By building intimacy with the speaker a greater rapport is encouraged.

If you need advice on which keynote speaker is best suited to your next function then contact us for expert advice.

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