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Douglas Kruger - Top Corporate and Sales Motivational Speaker

Douglas Kruger, an award winning motivational speaker of distinction, is just who you need at your next corporate presentation or event. This particular public speaker helps organisations to thrive in an ever increasing competitive marketplace. His main focus is on helping businesses to become their brand, in order to not only participate in their market; but actually dominate it. In the business world, Douglas requires no real introduction. He is recognised internationally and is a business author, having written 3 books to date, and a renowned speaker in his own right. His many leadership ideas and principles have even been featured on CNBC Africa with a great audience – something to be proud of.

If becoming an industry expert and a global leading brand is something that you want for your business and its teams, having Douglas as a guest speaker is certainly a step in the right direction. Developing talent within your corporation, and making presentations that hit home and win over sales / new business are points that he will focus on when addressing your group.

With the help of Douglas Kruger, you can motivate your team to become more sales focused, dedicated to developing the business brand and put more thought into making the business better at what it does. Many successful corporate and management teams have turned to Douglas for motivation, including the likes of BMW, HP and Liberty.

When Douglass engages with your team, he will ensure that they are presented with the latest innovations for brand excellence. He will demonstrate how to create brand integrity, and hold the interest and loyalty of your target audience. He will also focus on how to create new opportunities and how to become leaders in your field with these. Encouraging your team to be fearless industry leaders is something that you can expect to see in one of these presentations. If your team needs to be motivated on the topic of innovative ideas and creativity, then this will be touched upon, along with a humorous approach to complex growth principles, and how to apply them to your specific industry and business.

Douglas has been described many times as “phenomenal” and “thoroughly entertaining”, which is an excellent way to get through to team members with exceptional business ideas without losing their interest. In the industry, Douglas is certainly looked up to, and has no trouble gaining the attention and respect of those he endeavours to motivate.

Booking Douglas Kruger for an event or address is made a simple task with Marie Grey & Associates. We will ensure that you are provided with a profile on him to go over and a list of areas / topics that he has experience in covering. If you would like to go ahead with your booking, simply check availability with us and let one of our friendly consultants assist you with the process further. If Douglas Kruger is your motivational speaker of choice for your next event, contact us via email or telephone at Marie Grey & Associates today.

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