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Why You Should Hire Douglas Kruger as Your Guest Speaker

When it comes to guest speakers at any event, you have to find the speakers that will be able to relate best to the audience and resonate with the people you need them to. Guest speakers can have many different functions, but the most important of these is that they need to be able to bring a particular message home to the people that matter most. It may revolve around motivation, or it may be about contemplation, believing in yourself or having the courage of your own convictions. It really does matter who you get to address your audience, and how they relate to the crowd, so it is vital that the person you select will be able to fulfil the purpose you employed them for.

If you are looking to empower your audience with the power to be an industry leader, getting Douglas Kruger to speak to them can be a really great idea. Douglas Kruger believes in what he does, and he speaks about it in a way that truly inspires and motivates people. He is particularly good with new-business audiences, and teaches them how to stay with what they believe in and how not to give up. He gives some seriously vital pointers in terms of the psychology of business, and knows what he is talking about.

Let’s Talk About Douglas Kruger

Douglas Kruger, as a guest speaker, did not just arrive on the scene of motivational speakers for no reason. This guy knows what he is talking about, and he can contribute so much through his experiences. He has authored and published six very successful business manuals, including the very popular “How to position yourself as an expert”. He believes in the power that a brand can create, and he has become a brand by himself. In fact, anybody who wants to get out there in the business world in some kind of industry has to take the time to expose themselves as a brand, and not just a person. It does help to have personality in the brand, but what you are all about should form a perfect package that tells people about what you are all about, and how you can improve their lives.

Douglas Kruger is no stranger to the public speaking arena. Positioned with brands such as MultiChoice, BMW and Liberty, he is one of the best business speakers on the market today. What makes him so attractive as a speaker is that he is a bit of a rebel – he thinks outside of the norm and talks about how to position yourself in a traditional market in a non-traditional way. He feels that a lot of organisations hamstring themselves through self-imposed traditional roles and procedures, and finds a way to break free of these restrictions, in order to free the organisation in a more creative and organised way. He looks at the usual business rules and teaches organisations to become more self-driven and less susceptible to traditional ties. This is what makes Douglas Kruger one of the most innovative guest speakers on the scene today.

If you want to find out more about Douglas Kruger as a guest speaker, give our talented team at Marie Grey & Associates a call today. We will be able to provide you with all the information and bookings you need for this special speaker.

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