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Book the Right Conference Motivational Speakers to Inspire Your Delegates

It is a common known fact that the most successful conferences are those that have something different to offer. While conferences are often themed around training, sharing information and presenting sales content that is vital to the company’s profitability, they are also about team motivation and inspiration. Delegates attending a conference should leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on what the business year has to offer them. This is, of course, possible by hiring conference motivational speakers. Such speakers aren’t just sales gurus; they are trained public speakers who know how to address an audience for the best possible impact.

Choosing which conference motivational speakers to hire for your event can be challenging. Some companies make the mistake of choosing their principal or management members to make the address, and while this can often have a positive impact on the group, it’s best to seek outside influence. Choosing a motivational speaker who is able to be witty, amusing and inspirational is certainly a step in the right direction. As humans, we love to be entertained and it has been proven time and again that the best way for us to learn is through humour and play. If the team is having fun, the point won’t easily be forgotten.

Where do you turn to for the best conference motivational speakers in the country? Marie Grey & Associates of course. Here you will find more than just a handful of South Africa’s favourite speakers – many of the names you might even be familiar with from television or big hosted events. What sort of options do you have? Consider industry professionals such as Alex Granger, Robin Banks, Douglas Kruger, Clem Sunter and similar. This is just a start to the extensive collection of professional speakers that are on offer from us at Marie Grey & Associates.

When booking conference motivational speakers, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are choosing the right professional speaker. Below are a few tips and pointers to keep in mind:

  • Request to see the motivational conference speaker’s file. Here you should find all of their details as well as a picture of the speaker. A list of their past events and functions should also be available.
  • Research the speaker’s abilities. Often you can find YouTube videos or ask the agency that you are dealing with if you can view a video clip of the speaker’s address from a previous event. This will help you to get a better idea of what to expect.
  • Check what the speaker’s areas of interest are. If you hire a speaker who has a specific interest in the topic you want addressed, you can expect for their talk to be more passionate and effective.


If you would like to learn more about hiring motivational conference speakers for your next event, take the time to get in touch with us at Marie Grey & Associates. We are available via email or telephone and look forward to assisting you with your motivational needs today.

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