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Why You Should Hire Comedians and Guest Speakers for Your Next Event

Let’s face it – we all love a good, entertaining night out! And if it is part of a corporate strategy somewhere along the line, even better. Laughing is fun, comedians are fun, and guest speakers usually impart some information that we use and remember later in life. So, there is actually a lot to be said for entertainment and enlightenment. If you hire comedians and guest speakers for your corporate event, product launch or exhibition, you may find that your audience actually walk away with more from your event than you expected.

For a start, people who become guest speakers and those who have the gumption to become comedians have a lot of courage. They usually have stories to tell, and how they get these stories across is very important. It is undeniable that every event has its own objectives, but never forget that one of the most important goals is to engage and enthral the audience with what they hear and see, in order to promote interaction between the them and the speaker. There may be many objectives – you may want your audience to engage or interact with a product, you may want employees to become more unified or motivated, or you may just want to bring a message across that other people don’t necessarily think about every day. The fact is that you have to find the right person to do this, and often organisations find that they benefit greatly if they hire comedians and guest speakers to help them to achieve their goals.

When looking at the corporate environment, it is often quite clear that the ambience is not really very personable and it can often be very contrived and performance driven. This may frustrate employees, and if their teams don’t get along quite as well as they should, it may be time to draw them into a more focused, closer, mindset. One of the best ways of engaging a workforce or employees is to provide them with an event, occasion or learning experience where they can encounter fun, self-exploration, learning and entertainment at the same time, and if you hire comedians and guest speakers for this process, you are already well ahead.

Good guest speakers can entertain and educate your audience with great effect, but you do need to get the right people for the job. You have to ensure that the person you choose to hire and speak will be able to make a true connection with your audience that will yield the maximum results. Good speakers will easily be able to interact with the audience, and comedians are just built to bring messages across in a way that is not intimidating, in a friendly way, which helps to ease communication.

Yes, we know that often you have to shell out extra money from the budget, in order to hire comedians and guest speakers, but it is always worth it because it means that you can guide the audience towards a particular point in a targeted way, without them necessarily realising it. And even if they do, they don’t mind, because the journey with a well-picked speaker is so much fun!

If you want to hire comedians and guest speakers for your next corporate or motivational event, just give our team at Marie Grey & Associates a call. We know what it takes, and we will recommend the best person for your event.

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