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Clem Sunter. One of SA’s Most Sought-after Motivational Speakers

In order to keep your staff members focused, dedicated and motivated, you will need to provide them with some encouragement along the way. While incentives are a great way to keep them reaching goals and striving hard, providing motivational talks and other forms of encouragement offer long term benefits. If you have been looking for someone to address your teams or even speak at an event, then you have undoubtedly come across a whole string of viable speakers to approach, but how do you know which one to choose? It’s simple really...choose the speaker who has the most in common with your team, or who has the best possible message to get across to the people specifically working in your industry. Clem Sunter, motivational speaker who needs no real introduction to the corporate world is a fine choice, and also one that you will not regret.

What sets Clem Sunter apart from the rest, is his dedication, drive and staying power. He is an individual who has gained his experience through hard work and determination. He offers a style of address that is thought provoking and innovative. When your team leaves his presentation or talk, you can expect them to be thinking about what he has said...possibly even talking about it for weeks to come.

While he certainly has a thought provoking and innovative approach, he doesn’t fail to amuse and entertain his audience and this is essential when trying to make a lasting impression and keep the attention of those in attendance. Clem spent 36 years being a loyal employee of Anglo America and since 2001, has written two books which seem to have flown off the shelves since they were published. It is easily noted that Clem can quickly and effectively get his message across and will do the very same for the message you are trying to drive home to your team.

Clem will be able to address your team with topics that will inspire and motivate such as how to use scenario planning in every day context and how to change your approach to the market and customers in order to become a sustainable business that has something real to offer the market place. His hot topics list for those looking for a speaker present themselves as follows:

  • HIV/Aids in South Africa.
  • Scenario planning in the workplace.
  • Strategy in the business world.
  • Sustainability practices.
  • The future.

It goes without saying that Clem Sunter is one of SA’s most sought after speakers and can be booked for an event through leading agencies such as Marie Grey & Associates...remember to book in advance to avoid disappointment. When contacting us for further information on bookings, we will ensure that you are provided with a complete profile to view and of course a quotation to consider. For more information and advice on Clem Sunter, the motivational speaker who can make a difference to your business, contact us at Marie Grey & Associates today.

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