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5 Top Reasons to Book a Guest Motivational Speaker for Your Next Corporate Event

It is a fact that motivation is the fuel that drives performance. Any employee that is motivated to do a job well will do it better than an unmotivated person. Motivated employees are overall more focused and happy, and are more likely to show a higher level of productivity. Business leaders all over the world know this, and there are many different ways in which to motivate employees. Recognition, increased salaries, promotions – they all work, but hearing someone telling a story that touches the person is also really important. There are many reasons why top business managers choose to book a guest motivational speaker for their corporate events. They include:

  1. Unstuck the rut: Everyone knows how easy it is to become bored and stuck in the same position over a number of months or years. Often, tasks are repetitive and offer no new stimulation, and set deadlines simply mean that employees have to work towards one deadline and then start working towards the next. Hearing a truly motivational speech by a great speaker can provide the ideal opportunity to get a new view on life and to change one’s perspective a little. It allows them to gain a different viewpoint and to think outside the box a little more.

  2. Reminder of things to come: A good motivational speaker can remind people that they are part of a team moving towards a collective goal, and that all individuals in the team help the team to function as a whole. Refreshing their viewpoints on the mission, objectives and targets of the company provides a perspective that delivers a clearer view of the future and the role they play in ensuring the success of the organisation. It allows them to feel part of something bigger than the individual, and they form a better view of what they are trying to achieve as a whole.

  3. New eyes: Often, when one is immersed in a situation, it is difficult to see the whole picture, and it is easy to miss things that would otherwise be obvious. When managers book a guest motivational speaker, they will usually be able to provide a new perspective through an outsider’s eyes, and inspire people to take a step back and see things a little differently. This can greatly enhance problem solving within the organisation.

  4. Enhance motivation: As the name says, when you book a guest motivational speaker, they should be able to motivate the employees! Their style of speaking and the story they have to tell should effectively boost motivation levels and general staff morale. This helps employees to drive the business forward and may save a lot of money in the long run.

  5. Good to measure: Sometimes, it is difficult to estimate the true value of a motivational speaker, but the proof is in the pudding. The response of your employees to the speech can say a lot about how effective the motivational speaker is. During the event and after the event, there should be an excited response and people should interact with the speaker by laughing, crying, or reacting to the emotions the speaker is trying to invoke. A good measure of the value of the speaker is to check how the audience reacts – not just at the moment, but also afterwards.

There are many more good reasons to book a guest motivational speaker to motivate your staff. Check in with us at Marie Grey & Associates for a speaker that will truly reach your audience, and invoke the reaction and results you need!

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