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Book Clem Sunter for Your Corporate Event or Gathering

Are you hosting a corporate event for your business and its clients? Need a motivational speaker or an engaging host? Book Clem Sunter – you won’t be disappointed!

We’re here to tell you that if you’re looking for a motivational speaker to host a corporate team building event or inspirational gathering, Clem Sunter should be on the top of your list of options. Clem is not just another corporate speaker. His passion for his work and his ability to truly connect with his audience has made him one of our most sought-after speakers at Marie Grey & Associates. Clem is able to address serious matters in the workplace in an entertaining and thought-provoking way. It goes without saying that he is able to intrigue his audience, which really opens up the grounds for meaningful and interesting dialogue not only with company employees, but with customers too.

Clem Sunter’s areas of expertise drive the type of addresses that he gives. He currently focuses on scenario planning, strategic planning and decision making for large corporate concerns, as well as for smaller, family-run businesses. His most recent addresses, which have been loved and raved about by his audiences, include “Mind of a Fox”, which focuses on how to use scenario planning on an “every day” basis. Another popular address is on the scenario for the HIV/Aids epidemic in South Africa and lastly, he provides an exceptional presentation on why companies should change their predatory approach into a more caring and nurturing approach, in order to transform their business into one that’s highly sustainable.

What qualifies Clem to present such powerful corporate addresses? Clem is a businessman and decision maker in the corporate world. He understands the pressures of the corporate environment, and having worked in leading roles for Anglo American in excess of 35 years, he has earned himself a great reputation and respect in the corporate world. He has also co-authored 2 books with Chantell Ilbury, both of which have sold extremely well!

Clem Sunter brings a fun and interesting dynamic to the often mundane business scenario planning strategy. He helps decision makers and team players to understand their part in the process, and also helps them to take a fresh look at how they can achieve the ultimate results. He has spoken at many events and corporate gatherings, and has the confidence required, thus ensuring that your event is an absolute success. All you need to do is read through a few of the client testimonials attached to Clem Sunter’s profile to understand that he will be an asset to your event and to your business.

If you would like to ensure that your audience is thoroughly entertained and kept interested in the topic at hand, take the time to consider hiring a motivational speaker. If you book Clem Sunter, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the valuable address that he will provide. To find out more about Clem and our other top speakers, contact us via email or telephone at Marie Grey & Associates today.

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