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Hire Alex Granger – An Esteemed and Effective Professional Motivational Speaker

If you want to inspire, motivate and encourage your sales team to do better, strive harder and reach goals more effectively, you might need to hire a professional speaker to assist. It is a proven fact that sales and marketing teams are driven to aspire to more and greater heights when motivated by someone that they respect and look up to. Alex Granger is just such a motivational speaker and anyone in the sales and marketing industry will certainly have heard his name.

What topics does Alex focus on?

Well, Alex Granger has more than just sales and marketing experience to draw from. He also has business strategy, travel and tourism experience that stands him in good stead. His executive leadership qualification from the University of Pretoria (with distinction) is certainly something to look up to. Topics effectively covered by Alex include sales, creating effective teams that work well together, the power of purpose, winning attitudes and how to delight customers.

Why is Alex the motivational speaker of choice for you and your team?

This one is obvious – Alex is a confident, entertaining speaker with 11 years of experience under his belt. He knows how to grab the attention of his audience and hold it for the duration of his talk. Your team will be entertained from start to finish, and will be fixated on his points and information, which are presented in a way that will be easily remembered after the fact. The answer to why Alex Granger is the perfect speaker to hire for your event is that his motivational talks are well-designed and are absolutely effective.

When it comes to experience, Alex has it all. He has been chosen to speak at a variety of government and corporate events, including, but not limited to the following:

  • South African Music Rights Organisation
  • Meetings Africa
  • Travel with Flair
  • Business Travel Expo Nigeria
  • City of Tshwane
  • City of Johannesburg
  • Marketing Indaba
  • Sure Travel


You might have heard of Alex before, as he certainly has a lot of responsibility on his plate and is often in the spotlight. He hosts his own show called The Alex Tonight Show and is also the executive director of Stretch Your Mind. In addition to this, he is the CEO of the Granger Media Group. These feats alone show that trusting Alex to address your team is placing the morale and motivation of your business and its teams in good hands.

If you want to get your sales and business teams thinking, acting and reacting in a positive way towards their daily duties and targets, then it is time that you invested some effort into their motivation. Hire Alex Granger and benefit from the advantages of having a professional motivational speaker address your teams, and spur them onwards to action and success. To hire Alex or to find out more about his background and skills, we welcome you to contact us at Marie Grey & Associates today.

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