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Andy Hadfield - Business Speaker Andy Hadfield – “Ten Lessons from the Future” Technology • Strategic Thinking • Change • Innovation
FutureWorld guru Andy Hadfield is a digital native... and has big dreams for the Internet and for the impacts it is having on our lives and our businesses. An entertaining and compelling presenter, Andy speaks with authority and insight about the new shape of life, work and play in the digital space.
Justice Malala - Business Speaker Justice Malala - Top Political Commentator and Newspaper Columnist
Justice Malala is a political commentator and newspaper columnist. Malala writes regular weekly columns for The Times newspaper and the Financial Mail magazine. He also presents a weekly political talk show (The Justice Factor on the independent eNews Channel, Sundays at 9.30am and 12.30pm). He is the resident political analyst for and eNews Channel Africa. Malala is a regular contributor to the Guardian in London and his work has been published internationally in numerous newspapers. He has given talks and rendered political advisory to top international and local institutions.Malala was awarded the Foreign Correspondents Association Award for Courageous Journalism in 1997, and was named by the New Yorker magazine as one of the eight most fascinating Africans of 2012 along with Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Malawian president Joyce Banda.
Dawie Roodt - Business Speaker Dawie Roodt - Top Economic and Political Analyst
Dawie Roodt is the chief economist and a director at Efficient Group, a financial services company. His career in economic and political analysis spans over 20 years and includes nine years as an economist at the South African Reserve Bank as well as being the economic editor of a financial publication. Dawie is known for his extensive knowledge of the South African economy, his analytical nature and exceptional communication skills. He is highly efficient in conveying complicated economic information into everyday language. Regular television appearances, broadcasts on radio stations and comments in the printed and electronic media have all contributed to making him one of South Africa’s most quoted economists.
Brand Pretorius - Business Speaker Brand Pretorius – South African Business Guru
Under Brand Pretorius' leadership, Toyota SA grew from a small automotive player focused on light commercial vehicles with just 7% of the vehicle market to SA’s biggest in just 10 years. In 1999 he was offered the position of CEO at McCarthy Motor Holdings, but debts were out of control, the share price had disintegrated and the group was declared insolvent. Brand accepted the position and McCarthy returned to profit within 18 months. McCarthy became a part of Bidvest in 2004 in a deal worth R1bn and remains one of the key focus areas of the diversified giant. Brand recently published a book on leadership called: "In the driving seat - lessons in leadership." It is currently the bestselling South African business book and has been reprinted four times.
Nigel Risner - Business Speaker Nigel Risner - Leadership • Sales • Customer Excellence • Managing Change
Nigel Risner is a keynote speaker, seminar leader, corporate consultant, successful businessman, talk show host and author of many books. He is a high-energy performer who will inform, entertain and inspire your group. He always provides high-content, take home value through carefully customised presentations designed to meet each client's specific needs. Nigel doesn't just talk business, he lives it. He is an entrepreneur with active experience as a former CEO of a highly successful investment company. As a "business insider" with extensive boardroom exposure, he's in touch with the challenges confronting you and your people every day. He's able to share through experience what works, what doesn't, and why.
Clem Sunter - Business Speaker Clem Sunter - The mind of a fox
Clem Sunter is probably best known for his "High Road/Low Road" scenarios from South Africa in the Mid 1980's, when he was Head of Scenario planning function at Anglo America. He spent 36 years in Anglo America, mainly in the Gold Division where he ended up as a Chairman and Chief Executive. Presently Clem is Chairman of the Anglo America's Chairman's Fund. Clem continues to be one of the country's favourite speakers ... his presentation style is both thought provoking and entertaining.
Douglas Kruger - Business Speaker Douglas Kruger - Literally the best Speaker to have come out of Africa!
When you want your organisation to thrive, when you want your brand to become iconic, when you insist on owning your industry, there is no alternative: Douglas Kruger helps you to position yourself so that the business comes to you. Douglas is an internationally renowned speaker and business author, who is passionate about growing brands, equipping sales teams and creating thought-leaders. He is the author of 3 business books, including the highly acclaimed ’Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert,’ with Penguin Books. A multiple award-winning speaker, his clients include senior management and sales teams at companies like BMW, Liberty, and HP. Douglas speaks globally on how businesses and brands can compete by innovating and by positioning themselves as industry experts. He unpacks the Rules of Hamster-Thinking that hamstring corporate companies and he shows you how to develop talent. He trains top execs and sales teams in how to present more effectively and win new business. He is an advocate for Personal Excellence. Douglas’s thought-leadership ideas have been featured on CNBC Africa and he has written for Forbes and Entrepreneur. Douglas Kruger is changing mindsets, creating experts, and building brands, one team at a time!
Mike Schussler - Business Speaker Mike Schussler - "State of the Nation"
Mike Schussler is a well-known economist who has sent a ray of hope to business leaders with his positive messages on the South African Economy. He is original, up to the minute and entertaining. His highly motivational style and upbeat economic presentations have been enthusiastically received. Mike has a master degree in economics and more than a decade of experience.
Neil Jacobsohn - Business Speaker Neil Jacobsohn - "Thriving on Turbulence: The future's so bright, you've got to wear shades!"
Neil Jacobsohn, CEO of FutureWorld South Africa, is a life-long communicator with a passion for the future. He speaks with vigour and energy on a number of key FutureWorld themes, and is a sought-after conference and event presenter and an accomplished facilitator. He has been an award-winning journalist, a digital entrepreneur, a company director and professional marketer. Neil has worked on strategy with major companies around the world, and with key learning institutions, among them Duke Corporate Education and Oxford's SAID Business School. He is at ease in front of large and small audiences, and on both radio and television.
Arthur Goldstuck - Business Speaker Arthur Goldstuck - Journalist, media analyst and commentator on ICT
Arthur is an award-winning writer, analyst and commentator on Internet, mobile and business and consumer technologies. He is the author of 18 books, including South Africa’s best-selling IT book yet, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet", and the current guide to mobilising the workplace, “The Mobile Office”. Through Penguin Books, he has also published five books on urban legends. In 2014, the Minister of Communications appointed Goldstuck to South Africa’s National Broadband Advisory Council.
Alex Granger - Business Speaker Alex Granger – Leadership • Customer Service • Sales • Purpose • Achieving your Goals
Alex Granger has more than 15 years' sales and marketing, business strategy, and travel and tourism experience. He holds leadership and executive leadership qualifications from Gordon’s Institute of Business Science with a distinction in leadership. Alex has worked in senior management and executive positions for blue chip companies such as The Bidvest Group, Tsogo Sun, Imperial Group, Diners Club International, and G4S Secure Solutions. Alex has proven analytical and strategic decision making skills that have increased sales, profitability and market shares and he possesses excellent leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve the desired objectives and exceed targets.
Helen Nicholson - Business Speaker Helen Nicholson - "Networking: The unwritten rule of business you need to know"
Helen Nicholson is the director of a top networking and personal branding company, and is also a co-founding director of the PQ Institute in South Africa. She recently published the business best-seller: “Networking - the unwritten rule of business you need to know” and is busy with her second book on the best networkers in South Africa. Helen has written numerous articles, is a regular contributor on radio and speaks professionally on how business people can expand and develop their business networks.
Chantell Ilbury - Business Speaker Chantell Ilbury - Futurist and Best-Selling Author
Chantell Ilbury is a best-selling business author, and a world-renowned scenario strategist, facilitator and speaker. She draws on over 15 years’ experience guiding organisations all over the world through their strategic conversations on the future. This has given her not only specific insights at the highest levels across sectors as diverse as mining, energy, agriculture, technology, retail, and food and water security, but also the ‘big pictures’ that she has - as a scenario strategist - managed to weave together. Chantell co-authored the best-selling “Mind of a Fox”, “Games Foxes Play” and most recently, “Socrates and the Fox” with Clem Sunter.
Alec Hogg - Business Speaker Alec Hogg – Founder and Former CEO of MoneyWeb • Award-Winning Financial Reporter
Alec Hogg is a media entrepreneur who founded Moneyweb Holdings in 1997. He remains the youngest ever overall winner (at age 22) of the Sanlam Financial Reporter of the Year award, in 1983. Consciously protecting his freedom and independence, his time is invested in thinking and reading; researching and writing for; presenting occasional keynote addresses; and running a portfolio of JSE-listed shares.
Gert Cruywagen - Business Speaker Dr Gert Cruywagen - Jungle Risk Management – Risk Lessons from the African Bush
Ever think the saying “it’s a jungle out there” related to you and your organization? See if you can spot similarities during this fascinating – and amusing presentation. Jungle Risk Management - Risk lessons from the African Bush explains in an informative and humorous way how animals in the African bush manage their risks (or not) to avoid becoming prey. It then relates these risk strategies to modern day organizations. Packed with fascinating facts about animals of the African bush, the book compares their behavior in the jungle to corporate strategies – both failures and successes. Award-winning risk manager, company director, speaker, author and wild-life enthusiast, Gert Cruywagen, will keep you entertained with facts, stories, case studies and anecdotes that are fascinating, informative and funny. This is a new and different way to look at the management of risk!
Pieter Geldenhuys - Business Speaker Pieter Geldenhuys - Beyond Cyberspace
Pieter Geldenhuys is acknowledged to be one of the leading strategists, futurists and thinkers in the Technology Strategy arena in South Africa. He is a well-known speaker, academic, entrepreneur and futurist, and is widely used for his ability to identify opportunities in the changing technological, telecommunication and social landscape. Pieter was the Vice-Chair of the Innovation Focus Group at the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva, Switzerland, and assists numerous post-doctorial students in Europe with their research on technology’s impact on the future. He also has more than 800 national radio appearances under his belt. He currently holds the title of Extra-ordinary Lecturer in Technology Strategy at North-West University, where he lectured a Technology Strategy course to MBA students for more than a decade. Pieter is widely used as an impact speaker and strategy consultant by the majority of South Africa’s Top100 companies. He believes the only way to effectively predict the future is to create it.
Prof Andy Andrews - Business Speaker Prof Andy Andrews - Leadership • Business skills • Financial strategy • Strategic thinking
There is tremendous interest in leadership these days. A trip to in a bookstore will reveal dozens upon dozens of books on the topic. Yet they still appears to be little agreement on what leadership really is and how it is attained or developed. Andy Andrews addresses the issues of leadership ranging from the influence of family and home to the characteristics that appear to determine the ability to lead. Using examples of famous leaders and the power of video he captures the essence of leadership in a modern turbulent world and illustrate leadership in action through the use of power and influence. Professor Andy Andrews holds a degree of BCOM., MBA., PHD. and has had a highly successful career as an entrepreneur and business manager. He is currently a professor at Henley Management College in the UK and is also a professor at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.
Dr Martyn Davies - Business Speaker Dr Martyn Davies - Top Economic Analyst and Strategy Advisor
Dr Martyn Davies is the CEO of a leading research, strategy and advisory firm that specialises in emerging markets. In 2010 Martyn was selected as a Young Global Leader, an honour bestowed by the World Economic Forum each year to recognise the most distinguished young leaders nominated below the age of 40 from around the world. Martyn has chaired both public and private sessions at the World Economic Forum including chairing a session at the Forum’s annual meeting in Davos. Martyn has been ranked the # 1 analyst in South Africa in the “Other African Economies & Markets” category as awarded by the Financial Mail in its prestigious Annual Analysts of the Year awards. In 2010, Destiny Man magazine named Martyn in its “Power 40” of leading South African businessmen under the age of 40.
Keith Coats - Business Speaker Keith Coats – Strategic Leadership • Adaptive Intelligence • Global Trends
Keith Coats is an internationally respected leadership expert, author, speaker and facilitator. He has worked with both leaders and their executive teams in numerous international blue chip companies. He is the author of ‘Everything I know about leadership I learnt from the kids’ (Penguin) and his leadership articles have been published in a variety of local as well as international publications and journals. Keith has formally researched leading teams through organisational change and has experience in facilitating both strategic processes and mergers.
Stef du Plessis - Business Speaker Stef du Plessis – Motivation • Leadership • Teamwork • Corporate Culture • Sales • Strategy
It’s not by chance that Stef du Plessis is consistently rated as one of the top motivational and business speakers, conference after conference. Nor is it a coincidence that his corporate clients swear by his in-house programmes to help them to improve their performance, year in and year out. Rather, it is because Stef is the whole package: content that is relevant, practical and proven, brought to you by a world-class presenter. In addition to facilitating strategic work sessions for executive teams, Stef is one of the very few practitioners anywhere in the world today who is able to facilitate groups of almost any size-thus ensuring rapid large-scale employee engagement, buy-in and implementation.
Dr Mzukisi Qobo - Business Speaker Dr Mzukisi Qobo - Leadership Consultant • Political Risk Analyst • Writer
Dr Mzukisi Qobo is a well-known South African thought leader, public speaker and author. He is co-author of The Fall of the ANC: What Next? Published by Picador Africa. He offers insights to corporates and other organisations on the theme of leadership, covering Transformational Leadership; Africa’s Rise and Global Challenges; and Political Trends in South Africa. He has spoken to boards of multinational companies and public sector leaders in South Africa and abroad. Mzukisi views social change through the lens of leadership, and his message cuts across the global and domestic landscape. He is driven by a passion to empower the next generation of leaders. Mzukisi is affiliated with the Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation (GovInn) at the University of Pretoria. He serves on the board of the Centre for Mediation in Africa; is a mentor with the Allan Gray-Orbis Foundation; and a regular contributor to various national newspapers.
Dr Roelof Botha - Business Speaker Dr Roelof Botha - Former Economist of the Year
In his own unique style of blending the serious matters of economics and politics with the lighter side of life, Dr Roelof Botha has managed to captivate audiences around the country. Most of his presentations are regarded as broadly motivational, in terms of highlighting research that confirms numerous positive structural changes in the South African economy, including an objective reflection on the future of the country and the SADC region.
Gary Bailey - Business Speaker Gary Bailey - “Leadership Under Pressure: The Latest & Greatest Leadership Thinking from the Best in their Game!”
Gary Bailey is one of South Africa’s leading television presenters and remembered for his outstanding soccer career with Manchester United. Gary is much in demand as a top Speaker, sharing lessons learned from his impressive soccer career, the FIFAS World Cup 2010. Gary’s talks focus on getting the best from your team, overcoming adversity, self motivation and leadership.
Daniel Silke - Business Speaker Daniel Silke – Leading Independent Political Analyst and Keynote Speaker
Daniel Silke is recognized as one of South Africa’s leading Political Economy Analysts, Futurists and most passionate keynote speakers. As Director of the Political Futures Consultancy & faculty consultant for Duke Corporate Education, Silke serves a host of major blue-chip companies with outstanding keynotes and workshops aimed at the convention, conference and events industries. He has 20 years experience in delivering stimulating, entertaining and insightful presentations on South African, African and Global political and economic trends. His client list includes Marriott International, Oracle, CISCO, PwC, MTN, KPMG, FirstRand, Grant Thornton, Deloittes, Distell, Momentum, Sanlam, Old Mutual, Danone, Estee Lauder, Protea Hotels, Foschini, FNB, SunGard, Barclays and ABSA. Silke is the author of the book “Tracking the Future: Top Trends that will Shape South Africa and the World”. He regularly appears on and contributes to CNBC Africa, ENCA, SABC, ANN7, Bloomberg, AFP, Fin24, News24, Deutsche Welle, the BBC, 702, Classic FM and Business Day. In 2014, Silke spoke at the prestigious World Affairs Council in Washington DC on African issues.
Marks Maponyane - Business Speaker Marks Maponyane
Marks is an energetic speaker, admired sportsman and accomplished television presenter. Marks’ soccer career is remarkable. He has played for the Kaizer Chiefs, the Dynamos and the Orlando Pirates and was Captain of all three teams. He played for Bafana Bafana from 1992 to 1995. Marks has been crowned the South African Footballer of the Year three times and has been voted “Sports Hero of the Year”. At conferences and seminars, Marks uses his special “storytelling” flair to drive home the important lessons of team support, cooperation, tenacity, facing the challenge of change, positive attitude, taking responsibility and lots more. Using behind-the-scenes stories from his exceptional sporting career he shows how business can succeed with similar commitment to excellence, cooperation and passion.
Lynette Ntuli - Business Speaker Lynette Ntuli - Top Business Woman • Entrepreneur • Popular Speaker and Master of Ceremonies
Lynette Ntuli is the founding director and executive lead consultant at a top property, asset and infrastructure development and solutions firm. A commerce graduate, Lynette has previously held positions at Deloitte and Touché, Motseng Marriott Corporate Property, Motseng Property Services and the Durban Business Enhancement Initiative in various senior leadership roles in the commercial and retail property sector and in the business development and investment promotion arena. Awards and accolades bestowed upon her include those of Fun Fearless Female Award 2008 Cosmopolitan Magazine (Associated Magazines SA) in December 2008; “Woman to Watch” - June 2009 for Destiny Magazine (Ndalo Media); “Under 30 and on Top Feature” - April 2009 O Magazine (The Oprah Magazine) and the Mail and Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans 2012 Awards.
Abdullah Verachia - Business Speaker Abdullah Verachia - Leading Strategist and Thought Leader on Frontier and Emerging Markets
Abdullah is the Chief Executive Office of MVA Strategy Consulting – a leading strategy consulting firm. He also currently serves as the Executive Chairperson of The Collective Genius as well as a Director of Education Africa. Abdullah has served as Executive: International at Rand Merchant Bank (a division of FirstRand Bank Ltd) and also served on the management board of FirstRand India. Rand Merchant Bank has won numerous awards as a leading Emerging Markets Investment Bank and was recently recognised as the 2014 Investment Bank of the Year in Africa by The Banker – Investment Banking Awards.
Quinton Coetzee - Business Speaker Quinton Coetzee - "Back to Basics: San Solutions"
Born in the Namib Desert, Quinton Coetzee spent most of his childhood in the African bush. Today, he is considered one of Southern Africa’s leading bushcraft specialists. His passion for adventure has taken him from bitter sub-Antarctic regions to the scorching deserts of the Middle-East. He has summitted the highest ice-peak in Russia and has lived with ‘vanishing’ tribes in Africa, the frozen wastelands of Outer Mongolia and the sweltering jungles of the Amazon basin. Quinton’s business message has universal appeal - he has addressed audiences in more than 30 countries worldwide. His talks assist people to tap into their natural potential... to improve their business skills and performance... and to gain a better understanding of themselves and others.
JP Landman - Business Speaker JP Landman – “10 Years, 10 Trends”
JP Landman is a self-employed political and trend analyst. He consults to SA largest private wealth business, BoE Private Clients, and works with several SA corporates on future scenario trends. His focus areas are trends in politics, economics and social capital. In 2013 JP was selected as a Public Policy Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Centre for International Scholars in Washington DC.
Graeme Codrington - Business Speaker Graeme Codrington – "Mind the Gap"
Dr Graeme Codrington is an expert on corporate talent and the future of work. Clients love his energetic style and unique insights into the world of work - especially his understanding of talented young employees and customers and how to connect with them. The breadth of his experience and research and his diverse academic and work background gives Graeme a unique perspective on the turbulent times we live in. He has five degrees from five different universities, in five different faculties, including commerce, arts, theology, and sociology. His doctorate is in Business Administration, with majors in leadership and future studies. Graeme's CV includes chartered accountancy at KPMG, IT boom entrepreneur, youth worker, consultant, professional musician, futurist, best-selling author and professional speaker.
Leon Louw - Business Speaker Leon Louw – “South Africa - Political and Economic Update”
Leon is an internationally recognized economic, political and environmental analyst known for his accurate forecasts. He has spoken in 27 countries, and consulted to a dozen governments and many leading corporations. His informative, energetic and humorous approach makes him a consistent favourite on the speaking circuit. He is renowned for his ability to make complex issues accessible, interesting and entertaining.
Darren Davies - Business Speaker Darren Davies - Speaker, Consultant and Talent Developer
Darren Davies is a sought after speaker, consultant and talent developer who has been involved in organisational development and human resource empowerment for the past 18 years, consulting extensively within the Corporate World, as well as for a variety of Non- Profit Organisations, both locally as well as internationally. He partners with clients and potential customers to help them intellegently disrupt their thinking around an emerging new working context, and the potential implication of this emerging reality. As he continues to engage with clients as question asker, explorer, consultant, strategist and researcher, the majority of his work is delivered through presentations, training facilitations, organizational consulting and key note addresses.
Justin Cohen - Business Speaker Justin Cohen - The Psychology of Success • Creating Sales Superstars • Super Service • What's Your Story?
Justin Cohen is the author of four books and seven audiobooks. He hosted a TV show in which he interviewed some of the world’s top experts on success. As a leading authority on human potential, with a postgraduate degree in Psychology, Justin Cohen speaks and trains in the fields of motivation, sales, service and leadership. Over the past twelve years he has presented in fourteen countries, and in virtually every industry, to an average of eight thousand people annually. Justin is a Certified Speaking Professional and a Southern African Speaker Hall of Fame inductee.
Robin Banks - Business Speaker Robin Banks – “Success is a Choice” Self Motivation • Positive Attitude • Vision • Goals
Robin is South Africa’s leading authority on Mind Power and a highly sought-after international speaker. His positive attitude, passion and energy are infectious. A dynamic motivational speaker and a gifted trainer, Robin’s mission is to empower people to take charge of their lives and create a brighter future for themselves.


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