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Articles - The Role of the Motivational Speaker

Marie Grey of Marie Grey and Associates, one of the country's leading Speaker Bureaus, shares her "take" on the value of the motivational speaker.

As one starts preparing for the new year's conferences and seminars for our corporate teams the question will certainly arise regarding the true value of investing in a motivational speaker.

One concern and criticism of using a motivational speaker by prospective clients is even if people leave the conference feeling pumped up, any effect that a speaker has on an audience won't last very long.

When Tony Alessandra, a leading American motivational speaker was asked what he thought of such criticism he quickly responded "So the guy says that the effect of a motivational speaker won't last huh? Well, neither do the effects of a bath - but it's a good idea to have one on a regular basis."

A good motivational speaker can play a crucial role in helping an organization communicate essential values to its employees. Often it's a case of reinforcing what management has been attempting to communicate for sometime.

The speaker has the advantage of being an individual who is removed from the organization and therefore has the power to shift the perspective on an issue or belief and approach it from a different angle.

But we must not fool ourselves, Miracle Workers they are not. A company must have a clear vision and strategy already in place in order for an outside speaker to have an impact. No one can "fix" a company in 60 minutes but few can argue about the benefits of the energy, enthusiasm and boost that delegates will gain while listening to a top motivational speaker.

How does one select the best speaker for your event and how do you ensure that everything will go smoothly?

Selecting the right speaker doesn't have to be a hit or miss experience and one can be assured that the speakers' contribution will have a positive impact on the team's success. It's about having a simple plan of action and giving yourself some time to shop around so start early!

The most successful speakers get booked up months in advance so don't wait to the last minute.

Make sure that you have clear and well established objectives for your event. This way, you can create a comprehensive and informed brief for the speaker.

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