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10 Points to Consider When Selecting a Professional Speaker
Make sure you get what you paid - and hoped - for!

Speaking in South Africa
High Standards and High Performance are the norm for Professional Speakers in South Africa

The Role of the Motivational Speaker
Marie Grey says that "Motivational Speakers have to deliver more than "hype" but they aren't miracle workers!"

The "Africa Series"

The launch of the "Africa Series" of speakers ten years ago was a marketing coup! Using Mother Africa, "where the world began", as a learning tool, these dynamic and unique speakers share powerful business messages.

Click below to read more about the "Africa Series" speakers:
Lessons from Africa
SAA Inflight Magazine (Sawubona) - by Elizabeth Badenhorst
"If you know how to interpret Africa's Magic, then African drumming and stories, the San Bushman or even a pride of lions can teach you everything you need to know about business."

Lessons from the Bush
Upfront British Airways Magazine - by Chris Moerdyk
"Quinton Coetzee is not one of those rah-rah motivational types, but someone with impeccable credentials who is able to demonstrate how Mother Nature herself is the most definite guide to business success."

Rumble of the Jungle in Business
LA Times - by Dean E. Murphy
"South Africa's Indiana Jones-types teach desk-bound workers that it's survival of the fittest even in the concrete jungle."


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